How high should wall sconces be?

Answer A lighting sconce mounted on the wall is best placed just above the height of the tallest person in the home. The typical placement is 72 inches from the floor. No matter where you choose to instal... Read More »

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What do you put on wall sconces?

You don't need to put anything on it.

How do I hang candle wall sconces?

Hold a candle sconce to the wall, and adjust it until you're happy with the placement. Mark the location of the top of the sconce--or the top of the hanging plate, if your sconce has one--with a pe... Read More »

What is the standard height for wall sconces?

Here is where the good designers/architects really shine: one must know one's clients. The best height for a wall sconce is the one that allows most of the people living in the house to enjoy the l... Read More »

What is the correct height for wall sconces?

On One Hand: Many VariablesThere are many variables that can determine the proper height for your sconces. The height of the people in your family and visitors is one. When they walk by, you don't ... Read More »