How high should the grout line be on floor tile?

Answer On One Hand: Make it FullTilers want grout to be as "full" as possible in between the tiles on a floor or wall. A full grout line is nearly level with the floor. This creates a complete, connected ... Read More »

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How do I grout a tile floor?

Mix and Apply the GroutMix dry grout with cold water to achieve a smooth, pasty consistency which will stay put on the float. Scoop grout onto a groat float, and press the lump of grout onto the ti... Read More »

How do you re-grout tile floor?

It is somewhat painstaking. There is a grout removal tool available at most big box hardware stores. It is basically a handsaw that uses hardened aggregate applied to the blade instead of teeth. ... Read More »

How to Grout a Tile Floor?

After tile is installed, the next step is grouting the gaps between tiles. This task is less time-consuming and labor intensive than installing tile; however, you will still be working on your knee... Read More »

How do i apply floor tile grout?

Prepare the FloorRemove any tile spacers. These are white X-shaped plastics pieces that are used to keep the tiles evenly spaced. Using needle-nose pliers, grab the edges and pull them out. Vacuum ... Read More »