How high should an exterior wall light be?

Answer On One Hand: Residential Lights Are Not Held to CodeUnlike commercial and public properties, there are no government codes to regulate where you can place an exterior wall light. Homeowners are fr... Read More »

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How high should I hang my exterior wall light?

On One Hand: Hanging On WallsThe point of exterior lights, according to Metro Lighting, is to enhance a space with beauty, illuminate walkways and locks, and increase safety. Exterior lights that ... Read More »

How do I install an exterior wall light on a cement block wall?

To install a light onto an exterior wall made of cement or cinderblock, you will need to use anchors made especially for masonry. You can pick these up at any hardware store. You will also need mas... Read More »

Exterior Wall Ideas?

While homeowners usually devote serious thought to how to cover their home's interior walls, its exterior walls deserve at least equal consideration since they provide the first impression that gue... Read More »

Exterior Wall Colors?

Selecting paint colors for your home's walls can seem like a simple process, until you begin to consider the myriad colors available and countless combinations. Paint color is especially important ... Read More »