How high should a stair rail be?

Answer On One Hand: Local RegulationsWhile in-home stair-rail height can be somewhat subjective, limitations and restrictions vary from state to state and county to county. Some cities also impose their o... Read More »

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How high should a stair handrail be?

On One Hand: Building Codes Regulate Handrail HeightState and local building codes regulate the position of stair handrails, based on recommendations from the national code or other codes. The Inte... Read More »

How high should a chair rail be in a bar?

Typical guidelines advise a height of 32 and 36 inches for a chair rail. Chair rails are meant to protect walls from damage. Use an existing chair to locate the best rail height by placing it again... Read More »

How high should a chair rail be?

Install the chair rail about one-third up from the floor or 32 to 36 inches up for an 8 foot-ceiling. You also may place a chair against the wall and install the rail where the top of the chair hit... Read More »

How high should chair rail be installed ?

On One Hand: A Functional RailChair rails originally served to protect the walls from damage when a chair was pushed up next to it. The height of the rail depends on the height of the back of the c... Read More »