How high should a shower head be?

Answer On One Hand: 80 Inches Is StandardThe industry standard for the height of the shower head pipe is 6 feet 8 inches or 80 inches off the finished shower floor. This is the height of the pipe at the ... Read More »

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Should i install a new shower head?

On One Hand: Less Than Five Years OldIf you have installed a new shower head in the last five years, there is no need to replace it. Newer shower heads comply with federal laws concerning water flo... Read More »

At what height should a shower head be installed?

The typical height for a shower head installation is 83 inches from the unfinished floor. After installing everything, the ending result height of the shower head from the tub surface is approximat... Read More »

How high should you install a shower rod?

The height you install a shower rod depends on the length and style of the shower curtain, aesthetics and design, and goals of the shower curtain (such as to hide an unattractive tub). A general ru... Read More »

How high should a shower curtain rod be?

Shower curtain rods should be 76-1/2 inches above the floor for standard shower curtains. Add 4-1/2 inches to the length of the curtain for custom sized shower curtains.Source:Standard Height for ... Read More »