How high should a plasma tv be mounted?

Answer On One Hand: Consider Your Comfort LevelWhen people watch television, for the most part they're seated. This is important to take into consideration when mounting a plasma TV. According to the Pr... Read More »

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Height of plasma TV when mounted on a wall?

The screen should be the same height as your head when seated. Remember the glass on the face of the screen will reflect light so mount it on a wall that does not have windows or other light emitti... Read More »

What is the recommended height for a wall mounted plasma TV?

The height for a plasma TV depends on where you will sit to view it. The center of the TV should be in line with that viewing area. Using a laser level at eye height, aim at the wall and mark the p... Read More »

How high should a U.S. mailbox be mounted?

The USPS requires that all mailboxes set up for residential and commercial delivery be mounted at a height of 41 to 45 inches. This measurement represents the height difference from the bottom of ... Read More »

How High Should a U.S. Mail Box Be Mounted?

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