How high should a medicine cabinet be installed?

Answer On One Hand: Eye Level Is BestBecause medicine cabinets serve a dual purpose as both mirror and storage, both uses have to be taken into consideration when deciding how high to install one. You sho... Read More »

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Medicine cabinet or beveled mirror and storage cabinet above sink?

Find the right hardware perfect for you. To do that I just found a website that may help you with that. Worth a look.

How High Should a Towel Bar Be Installed?

Regardless of how much money you earn, unless you can manage it properly, you will never be comfortable financially. Personal money management is one of the biggest skills that most people must mas... Read More »

How high should chair rail be installed ?

On One Hand: A Functional RailChair rails originally served to protect the walls from damage when a chair was pushed up next to it. The height of the rail depends on the height of the back of the c... Read More »

Should people taking high blood pressure medicine avoid caffeine?

On One Hand: Could Interfere With MedicationStimulants that contain caffeine, such as green tea and coffee, raise blood pressure and may reduce the effectiveness of medications, like beta-blockers ... Read More »