How high is a baseball backstop?

Answer There is no official height requirement for a baseball backstop. However, based on what backstops are available for installation, it would seem that most backstops should be at least 10 feet high. ... Read More »

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Who invented the baseball backstop?

The baseball backstop originated in England with the 18th century game of rounders. This team sport featured hitting a round ball and running around a circular set of bases not unlike our current g... Read More »

Iowa High School Baseball Information?

The Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), which is based in Boone, Iowa, organizes and oversees the operations of all high school sports in the state. The IHSAA shows records of high schoo... Read More »

High School Baseball Rules & Regulations?

States can set their own rules for high school baseball or they can adopt the rules of the National Federation of State High Schools. For example, many states sanction the use of aluminum bats beca... Read More »

How far apart are the bases in high school baseball?

The bases are 90 feet apart. Home plate and first base are 90 feet apart, first base and second base are 90 feet apart, etc. This is the same for college and professional baseball. The bases tradit... Read More »