How high do you hang closet rods?

Answer Although there are no standard heights for regular closet rods, hang adjustable-height closet rods you can reach when standing or seated. Hang double closet rods at 81 3/4 inches and 40 1/2 inches.... Read More »

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How high do you hang double closet rods?

Double closet rods, in which two poles stretch across the closet rather than one, should be hung at heights that allow enough room for garments to not touch the floor. Generally the top rod should ... Read More »

DIY Closet Rods?

Closet rods are essential for any closet. Installing a closet rod requires the correct hardware and rod. Measure the length of your closet for proper rod length. Ideally, purchase a rod that is adj... Read More »

What is the standard hanging height for closet rods?

The standard hanging height for a traditional closet rod is approximately 65 inches to accommodate longer items such as dresses and dress coats. If a shelf is installed, it should be about 3 inches... Read More »

How to Hang Tapestry With Rods?

Tapestries are textile art usually woven from linen, cotton or silk threads. They are often used to decorate walls in homes and businesses. Tapestries should be hung in a way that does not damage t... Read More »