How high do you hang a light over a table?

Answer On One Hand: Hanging LowCory Pernicano, a Los Angeles-based interior decorator, says, "For visual impact, the chandelier is the most important ingredient in the room...I like to hang a chandelier n... Read More »

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How high do you hang a chandelier above a dining room table?

On One Hand: Standard Suggestion.A dining room chandelier should hang low enough so that its light is spread through the dining room, and not directed straight into the ceiling. At the same time, t... Read More »

How high should I hang my exterior wall light?

On One Hand: Hanging On WallsThe point of exterior lights, according to Metro Lighting, is to enhance a space with beauty, illuminate walkways and locks, and increase safety. Exterior lights that ... Read More »

How high do you hang a pendant light from the counter top?

The recommended distance between a pendant light and countertop differs depending on the type of pendant light. If it is one with an open bottom, it should be low enough so that an average height a... Read More »

How High Should a Pool Table Light Be?

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