How high do electrical sockets need to be above sinks?

Answer On One Hand: No Minimum DistanceThere is no minimum distance required between the edge of a sink basin and the nearest electrical socket. However, receptacles must not be placed in wet locations, ... Read More »

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You are installing granite counter tops Dishwasher drain is connected above elbow on one of the two sinks Do you need the air vent for the dishwasher?

This is generally a local code thing. We do not require it in our area and a loop is acceptable. Check with your code guy!

How many electrical sockets are required for a house?

National fire and building codes require a minimum of one outlet per six linear feet of wall. This is usually a double outlet, or one shared with a switch. In addition, ground-fault circuit interru... Read More »

How high does the chimney need to be above an open fire pit?

An open fire pit does not require any sort of chimney. Open fire pits are used outdoors, while fireplaces that require ventilation are typically found indoors. The height of a chimney over a firepl... Read More »

What is the mounting height of electrical outlets above a finished floor?

Most electricians and contractors place electrical outlets approximately 12 inches above a finished floor. If you feel that is too low, 16 inches may be a more convenient height for you to reach.Re... Read More »