How high do commercial airplanes fly?

Answer Most fly between 30,000 and 50,000 feet.

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How to Fly Airplanes?

Flying an airplane is one of the most exciting and fun things that you can do in your life. The first time you learn to fly an airplane will and should take your breath away. Unlike driving a car, ... Read More »

What Does Adi Mean in Relation to Airplanes?

Anti-Detonant Injection, or ADI, is an injection of water or a methanol-water mixture into a jet engine during takeoff. This injection allows an optimal fuel mixture while cooling the engine, allow... Read More »

How many airplanes in us navy?

The military will not disclose the exact strength.

Can iPods be used on airplanes?

IPods are safe for use on airplanes. However, most airlines have passengers turn off all electronic devices during takeoff and landing for safety reasons. This ensures the attention of everyone on ... Read More »