How high can you have your garden fence?

Answer In the UK the maximum height without planning permission is 6ft. If you apply for planning permission from the local authority then much taller fences can be installed.

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Do you have a wooden fence in your garden?

Yes I do, I replaced it last year, so it's nice and new! I also put up, at great expense, a bamboo screen too! so my garden is lookin' good at the moment.

How do you stop young kids from vandalising a 5 foot high wooden garden fence?

You need bricks. Let 'em punch holes in a wall.

Local council own fence which borders my garden.. it blew down & they say they have no ££s to repair it. HELP!?

Ring them and tell them you intend to go to the local and Daily newspapers, local TV with the story if they don't promise to fix it in the near future.

How to Fence a Garden?

The use of a garden fence is an essential element to help keep out pests or for a decorative touch. The following steps will show you how to fence a garden.