How high can you get from eating marijuana?

Answer you cant just eat it, not raw. marijuana has water and oil soluble properties, the part you want needs to be cooked out. I have this all written down some where, but just what I recall off the top ... Read More »

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How do you know wen your high from smokeing marijuana?

You'll notice many small changes in reactions, thoughts, and feelings.Many first time smokers (and some on their second or third tries) don't manage to achieve a high even after smoking a good bit ... Read More »

How come I did not get high the first time I did marijuana?

You probably inhaled it wrong, which is what happens to most smokers. If it was actual weed (someone might have ripped you off since it was your frist time), it would have gotten you high. How to... Read More »

What is the healthiest and most efficient way to get high off of marijuana?

Is using marijuana bad for high blood pressure?

On One Hand: Marijuana Can Increase Blood PressureDepending on the dosage, the way it is smoked and the type of marijuana, the drug has been known to raise blood pressure. Reports from the National... Read More »