How to Jump High Using an Elevator?

Answer Ever wondered how to jump really high? Well now you can!

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How to Land a High Jump?

This style of jumping is an element in parkour. It is used in the military for paratroopers. It is sometimes called the parachute landing fall.

How to Do an Extra High Jump in Halo PC?

In Halo PC, you can make your jump extra high, allowing you to jump to the top of some fortifications or bases.

How to High Jump Using the Fosbury Flop?

The High Jump is a track and field event in which you must jump over a horizontal bar at varying heights. For high school girls, the heights usually begin at 4' and increase by 2 inches after the a... Read More »

How to High Jump (Track and Field)?

Have you ever seen someone high jump and thought that you wanted to try it?