How high are basketball nets?

Answer The official basketball goal (the rim from which the net hangs) for the NBA, NCAA and high school is 10 feet from the ground. Home basketball goals come in many sizes and are often adjustable.Refer... Read More »

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Specifications for Basketball Nets?

To ensure that all basketball nets are the same no matter where you play, specifications for the nets must be adhered to. The backboard, the hoop and the netting all have specific dimensions in ord... Read More »

How high should a backboard be in basketball?

The top of basketball backboards should be 13 feet above the floor. The rim, which is attached to the backboard, must be 10 feet above the floor to be considered regulation in the United States.Sou... Read More »

How high should a basketball goal be for a 2nd grader?

Regulation height for a basketball rim at every level of organized play is 10 feet, measured from the center of the rim to the ground. Some grade schools allow younger children, such as first- and ... Read More »

How high is a Pennsylvania basketball hoop?

The height of a standard basketball hoop in Pennsylvania or any other state is 10 feet. Some basketball hoops have adjustable settings which allow the basket to be lowered to accommodate younger pl... Read More »