How high above a window frame should the curtain rod be?

Answer Proper curtain-rod height varies by style and curtain length. A standard rod height is 4 to 6 inches above the window frame, according to Iron Accents, a retailer specializing in wrought-iron furni... Read More »

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How to Make an Easy Window Screen Frame Using a Picture Frame?

Piecing together wood or metal pieces for a frame is the most difficult part of making a window screen, but if you already have a sturdy wooden frame from a picture or painting, the hard part is do... Read More »

How do I remove a window screen frame from a window?

From the InsidePull on the screen frame's tabs to loosen it, and remove the screen. Sometimes these tabs are spring-loaded and require squeezing simultaneously. Usually the method necessary is obvi... Read More »

Who invented the window curtain?

The invention of curtains and other window treatments cannot be credited to any one individual. People have been covering openings with cloth and other materials for millenia. Ancient cave dwelle... Read More »

How do I curtain a small window?

MaterialsMeasure the window both vertically and horizontally. Sew or purchase windows in the appropriate length and width for the small window's shape and size. Consider valances over small windows... Read More »