How heavy is an F1 car?

Answer As of Formula One rule changes in 2010, the minimum weight allowed for a Formula One race car is 620 kilograms, including the driver. The previous minimum weight was 605 kilograms.References:Formul... Read More »

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How heavy is too heavy for a laptop to be carried around everyday?

It depends on how strong you are. Also, since dropping a laptop will usually kill it, you need to have either a backpack or carrying case that will add to the bulk and weight anyway.Typically up to... Read More »

How do I hit a heavy bag?

Hitting the BagClench your hand into a fist and punch the heavy bag. Regularly practice hitting the bag with force to build efficiency of movement and increase speed and power, according to RossBox... Read More »

How do I set up a heavy bag?

Room StructureSetting up a heavy bag requires a room that will enable you to safely and effectively hang the bag. Most bags weigh 100 pounds or more, so it is imperative they are hung from a sturdy... Read More »

How do I use a heavy bag?

PreparationPreparation is key to a heavy bag workout and so is safety. Wrap knuckles and wrists with hand wrap or sport tape to protect against injury. Shadowbox for three to four minutes as a warm... Read More »