How heavy can rhinos get?

Answer The heaviest of the rhinoceros species is the African white rhino, which can attain an average weight of 5,000 lbs., according to the San Diego Zoo. The Animal Corner reports that the record weight... Read More »

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How heavy is too heavy for a laptop to be carried around everyday?

It depends on how strong you are. Also, since dropping a laptop will usually kill it, you need to have either a backpack or carrying case that will add to the bulk and weight anyway.Typically up to... Read More »

Do rhinos eat meat?

All species of rhinos are vegetarians and they do not eat meat, with these herbivores possessing a diet consisting of such things as leaves and grasses. The five species of rhinos live in different... Read More »

Are rhinos herbivores?

Yes, rhinos are herbivores. The black rhino has a prehensile lip and can eat various vegetation such as leaves, shrubs and, sometimes, fruit. The white rhino grazes and primarily eats grasses.Refer... Read More »

Do rhinos really put out fires?

There is no scientific proof that a rhino has ever rushed toward a fire to stomp it out. As Discovery Channel points out, animals have survival instincts that tell them to run away from fires.Refer... Read More »