How have you broken your hand or wrist?

Answer I was hit by a truck, thrown up in the air up and over the truck. Landed on the pavement. Had one leg nearly ripped off and the other leg crushed. And my left wrist broken. Funny thing is my legs w... Read More »

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How do you know if you have fractured or broken your wrist?

Make sure you ask on Yahoo answers before going to a doctor.

Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?

Since we are not X-Ray machines we probably couldn't tell you for sure.You should probably go to the hospital within 24 hours because after that it can start to heal and they may have to rebreak it.

I have a broken wrist (did it 3 days ago) and obviously I have a cast on?

You can't write while you have a cast on.

Can you make your own cast for broken wrist?

Yes, but only if you are a orthopedic surgeon.