How have we made Australian animals endangered?

Answer According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the continent of Australia has more endangered animals than anywhere else on the planet. Over the past 200 years or so, a... Read More »

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Australian Endangered Plants List?

More than 1,100 Australian plant species are endangered or threatened because of invasive plants, agricultural clearing and an increase in wildfires. Endangered species are likely to become extinct... Read More »

Different Endangered Animals?

From jungles to oceans, deserts and forests, the world is populated with beautiful, even amazing animals of all shapes and sizes. However, some of these creatures may not be around for much longer,... Read More »

Animals Endangered in the U.S.A?

More than 5,400 species of mammals exist. Within the United States, more than 410 mammal species reside. Of the 410, more than 80 are endangered, according to the National Wildlife Federation. In 1... Read More »

How many animals are endangered in the USA?

The list of endangered and threatened species in the United States is updated every day by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and currently includes 1,220 species of fish, birds, mammals, amphibian... Read More »