How have the Irish contributed to America?

Answer The Irish began immigrating to the United States in large numbers during the 19th Century, especially after a blight struck Ireland's primary crop--the potato--in 1845. The Irish have contributed i... Read More »

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What fashion impact did Irish people have on America?

The Irish, like many groups of people that immigrated to the United States, have had a distinctive and influential impact on many facets of American life, fashion being one of the most readily noti... Read More »

Why did the Irish migrate to America?

During the 1840s, nearly half of the immigrants to the United States came from Ireland. Irish citizens left their native country in droves to pursue a better life in the United States for various r... Read More »

How did the Irish enter America?

Irish immigration to America has left a substantial legacy: according to National Geographic, in 1990 44 million Americans claimed Irish descent. These original Irish immigrants likely arrived in A... Read More »

Why did the Irish want to come to America?

During the 1820s through the 1880s, about 3.5 million Irish people immigrated to the United States, according to the ThinkQuest website. Many families immigrated because Ireland was experiencing po... Read More »