How have the Internet and computers changed education?

Answer It is hard to believe that the World Wide Web didn't come into existence until the early 1990s. It has so permeated every part of our world that it is impossible to imagine the world without it. It... Read More »

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Ideas on How Computers Have Changed Education?

Computers have changed many aspects of everyday living, and education benefits highly from computer technology. Word processing, online knowledge bases, educational games and Internet communication... Read More »

How have computers changed business in america?

Although American business saw a great deal of change since computers entered the workplace over the past quarter century, it's still debated whether these changes are a good thing. Customers may s... Read More »

I have 6 computers and 1 broad band connected in a Lan network. How to share internet with all computers .?

You need at least a 6 port router, preferable a wireless one.

I have cable internet and two computers. I'm trying to run internet to both. Will a switch work?

The problem is that without a router you will need to have both computers get an IP from the upstream (cable provider), which they probably will/do not support or would charge extra for. A router a... Read More »