How have some deserts changed over the past?

Answer Deserts are geological areas that are largely devoid of life. Nonetheless, they evolve and change slowly because they are affected by forces as slow as ice ages and continental drift.HistoryContine... Read More »

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Over the past 35 years how has the representation of race changed in crime dramas?

The television series "Law and Order" is filmed in New York City.

How has the uss production and usage of hydroelectric power changed over the past 102030 years?

The term "SEAL" stand for "SEa', "Air" & "Land", the 3 elements that a Navy SEAL is expert at unconventional warfare in. All SEAL's are trained as experts in Underwater Demolition and are trained ... Read More »

How have ovens changed over the years?

Answer Remove all food and keep in a cold place. Best to do this when your fridge/freezer is nearly empty. Switch off at socket and leave the doors open to let the freezer defrost. You sometimes g... Read More »

How have music keyboards changed over the years?

Keyboards have been around for hundreds of years, and they are still used in every musical genre, from blues and classical to hip-hop and country. From the earliest organs to the most recent MIDI-c... Read More »