How many people work at Disneyland Resort?

Answer The Disneyland Resort directly employs 20,000 employees. An additional 3,800 employees are hired by third-party businesses to work at the Disneyland Resort. The Walt Disney Company estimates that D... Read More »

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If people only liked MJ because he died, how is this possible?

How many people died from Mauna Loa?

Mauna Loa, a volcano on the west coast of the island of Hawaii, has erupted 39 times since 1832. Though Mauna Loa has caused major earthquakes and covered 806 square kilometers with lava, no deaths... Read More »

How many people have died from AIDS?

According to the World Health Organization's 2009 UNAIDS report, more than 25 million people worldwide had succumbed to HIV/AIDS by the end of 2008 (records have only been maintained since 1981). A... Read More »

How many people died in the korean war?

No exact count of deaths during the Korean War exists. The U.S. Department of Defense estimates that nearly 40,000 American servicemen died. The British had 1,078 soldiers killed in action, 2,674 w... Read More »