How have fuel prices affected the airline industry?

Answer Fuel costs have traditionally been the second-highest operating expenditure for an airline behind only wages. The historical average is 10 to 15 percent of an airline's overall operating costs. In ... Read More »

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Are gas prices affected by the stock market?

On One Hand: Crude Commodity Trading.Gas prices at the pump are largely dictated by the price crude oil trades at on the stock market. This is because the price that oil refining companies have to ... Read More »

Who are airline industry stakeholders?

Airline industry stakeholders refer to parties that have an interest, or stake, in the success or failure of the industry. This can include employees, shareholders, customers, creditors and supplie... Read More »

Are airline prices negotiable?

Airline ticket prices can be negotiated on websites such as, and The best way to negotiate airline prices is to be flexible with dates and times, and to be able to a... Read More »

Is the airline industry rival or excludable?

In economic theory, the airline industry is considered both a rival and excludable good. For a good to be excludable, consumers must be able to be excluded from using the good. For a good to be riv... Read More »