How have electronic spreadsheets evolved?

Answer Spreadsheets were introduced in 1979 by VisiCorp. They originally had limited functionality but have evolved over the years to become an integral part of businesses and homes, capable of calculatin... Read More »

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History of Electronic Spreadsheets?

A spreadsheet is a matrix of rows and columns used for analyzing accounting data. It began life as a paper graph, but electronic spreadsheets were designed during the 1960s and commercially develop... Read More »

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How Have Pendulums Evolved Since Galileo's Time?

The pendulum was an important tool in many experiments conducted by Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo. Since the inception of the device the modern world still uses the pendulum, and it is m... Read More »

How Have Spreadsheets Changed Banking?

Spreadsheet applications like Excel have changed banking by improving the way bank customers manage their personal finances. The spreadsheet's functionality makes it a ready-replacement for the old... Read More »