How have black American inventions changed the world?

Answer Black Americans have made many great contributions to their country by way of invention. Whether life-saving or for entertainment, these inventions have changed the world and affected people's live... Read More »

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Inventions that changed the world Ink-Pen or a Telephone Which one?

Haven't you ever heard that saying,"The pen is mightier than the phone"?.

German-American Inventions?

Inventors have always been at the center of the continued advancement of the world. From Thomas Edison's light bulb to Alexander Fleming's penicillin, the world has come to depend on these extraord... Read More »

Inventions That Hurt the World?

Inventions throughout time have made it easier for people to perform tasks. Unfortunately, some inventions became weapons of war and have done insurmountable damage to people and property. Poison g... Read More »

Preschool Lesson Activities on Black Inventors & Inventions?

Introducing your preschooler to black inventors is an enlightening experience for you and the child. The preschool age child gets excited over inventions that matter to her or people she knows. Rel... Read More »