How have advances in technology changed the practice of property appraisal?

Answer From my experience The Village at Lovejoy Fountain at 245 SW Lincoln Street is the best property management company in Portland Oregon. Their number is (503) 223-5314. I recently moved out of the... Read More »

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Do you have to have an appraisal to sell a timeshare property?

You do not have to have an appraisal to sell a timeshare property. Generally, the timeshare was not originally appraised by the developer so there is no reason to have it appraised when you sell it... Read More »

How have legal contracts changed with technology?

Technology, especially of the computer variety, has made a tremendous impact in changing various aspects of legal contracts. These include preparation, editing, retaining and even how legal docume... Read More »

How has the use of digital technology (digital images) have changed our way of life?

Well, for one thing, being able to take a picture and have it ready to use in a matter of seconds is convenient. The speed at which the image is ready for use contributes to how fast it can be sha... Read More »

Despite the fact that war tactics and technology have changed since the American Revolution can any parallels be made between the minutemen and those who serve in the military today?

No, it must be appealed to the C.O. of the military branch (i.e.: The Pentagon) you were discharged from.The above answer is incorrect. Former members can apply to have their characterization of se... Read More »