How has the way people treated mental retarded children changed over the years?

Answer No. Sometimes this will be virtually impossible. Its important to remember that the class the child is in will have work set that the government sees an average. In other words, what the majority o... Read More »

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How has treatment of mentally retarded people changed over the years?

They shared a common ancestor recently in evolutionary time.

Why are there such retarded people asking retarded questions in the Computer Area?

Hello Perry N (perryd123abc)You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines. As a result, your content has been deleted.Question: Is it okay to reward my children... Read More »

What are Educational needs for mental retarded child?

You need to speak to your local educational authority, and avoid using the word "retard".

What is the impact of the mental retarded child on the family?

Gabapentin is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Please discuss this with your doctor or health care professional.