How has the classical ballet tutu changed?

Answer Although many people consider the tutu to be a costume that has been worn by ballerinas since the invention of ballet in the seventeenth century, the first version of this ballerina skirt was not i... Read More »

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History of the Ballet Tutu?

The tutu has taken on many shapes, weights and fabrics over its history and is universally recognized as an icon in the world of ballet. The full circle silhouette is a technical wonder, and today'... Read More »

Who invented the ballet tutu?

According to, Italian ballerina Marie Taglioni invented the tutu during the Romantic era. The tutu is still worn today and remains one of the most iconic symbols of ballet.Sourc... Read More »

How to Make a No Sew Ballet Tutu?

Here is how to create a ballet tutu for a child's dress-up or for more pragmatic reasons, such as a ballet concert. One size fits almost all. And it can even be a parent-child project that takes on... Read More »

How to Do an Assemble in Classical Ballet?

Assemble (pronounced: en son blay), is a move in classical ballet which means to 'assemble'. It includes a jump in the air in which your two feet meet together in the air, meaning you 'assemble the... Read More »