How has the automobile changed society?

Answer The automobile has changed society by redefining how Americans navigate and inhabit the nation. The automobile has transformed the United States from a small-town and rural, largely farm-based-com... Read More »

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What changed first when jamaica changed to the metric system?

Jamaica's first major change based on the metric system happened when they decimalized their currency in 1968 after the Jamaican House of Representatives voted to convert from the British pound to ... Read More »

If a mother remarries and stepfather adopts child and name is changed on birth certificate can the birth date be changed as well?

How to Drop out of Society?

Society blows. If you don't like it, why put up with it? Make like Thoreau and get out of there!

How to Fish in Pet Society?

Do you have difficulties while fishing in Pet Society? Can't you catch any fish? Then this is the article for you to read, it will explain in details on how to catch that fish you wanted for so long!