How has the Internet affected the way people communicate?

Answer Prior to the widespread use of the Internet, how did you communicate with friends, family and colleagues? Unless you lived on a reservation or in an igloo, you had a telephone, postal mail and face... Read More »

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How has the Internet affected the world?

The Internet has rapidly affected the world in many ways due to its ability to enhance communication in ways that were previously impossible. Understanding all the aspects of people's lives that th... Read More »

How Has the Internet Affected Business?

The structure of economy is one of the most important aspects to the social dynamic of the developed world. How business is conducted effects every individual on a daily, hour-by-hour basis. In t... Read More »

How is the Internet changing the way we communicate with our friends and families?

The Internet has vastly changed the way we communicate with friends and family. It has not only made things far faster and simpler but it has also created an entirely new vocabulary for most peopl... Read More »

How has the Internet affected small businesses?

The Internet has permanently affected small businesses in multiple ways. Many of the effects of the Internet are positive, including better exposure and larger customer bases. A website turns any l... Read More »