How has technology hindered your life?

Answer A lot of young people substitute IM'ing, hanging out on MySpace and Facebook, texting, etc. for actually interacting with other human beings in person. Both adults and kids are losing the ability t... Read More »

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Do you use technology-based social networking, and if so, how you think it has changed your life?

A little. Helps to stay in touch with people we would have lost touch with in the past. Also helps to find friends from our past. We are more connected through programs like linked in, facebook, t... Read More »

How is technology used in life insurance?

Life insurance is an integral component of financial planning. Life insurance policies replace lost incomes associated with untimely deaths. Technology serves to standardize the insurance process b... Read More »

Life science based technology in healthcare?

By combining advanced technology with pharmaceutical improvements, researchers believe they can make the diagnosis process even better.

How has the creation of homeland security enhanced or hindered the coordination of federal law enforcement efforts?