How has technology affected communication?

Answer Technology has increased access to communication by eliminating time and distance as obstacles. Naturally, the increased accessibility of communication has had positive and negative affects on the ... Read More »

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How Technology Has Affected Communication?

Technology plays an important role in our lives. We receive entertainment and information in a convenient format from the technology in our lives. One of the most important areas that technological... Read More »

Jobs With a Bachelor of Science in Communication With a Concentration in Communication & Technology?

Every year thousands of students graduate with a bachelor of science in communications. This course of study is popular because it provides a broad liberal-arts education that focuses on one of the... Read More »

How has technology affected toy robots?

Early toy robots were robotic only in name: They were bulky and clumsy wind-up toys that kept bumping into walls as they lurched forward. But toy robots are quickly transforming from tin and clockw... Read More »

How has technology affected the laptop?

Laptops were originally the size of a briefcase. They were bulky and heavy. Over the years, however, laptops have evolved into light, compact and aesthetically pleasing devices. The evolution of te... Read More »