How has searching for a job changed?

Answer The changing job market and the increased use of the Internet have impacted the way in which individuals search for jobs. Job seekers should be aware of the changes as they search for new career op... Read More »

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Please help me understand this (adoptee searching vs not searching)?

I know what you mean... I personally am the middle of the road myself. I have a desire to search, but I know people who don't and I am okay with that. I personally think that people who believe t... Read More »

What changed first when jamaica changed to the metric system?

Jamaica's first major change based on the metric system happened when they decimalized their currency in 1968 after the Jamaican House of Representatives voted to convert from the British pound to ... Read More »

If a mother remarries and stepfather adopts child and name is changed on birth certificate can the birth date be changed as well?

How come i never get any Swagbucks by searching?

1.Answer the Daily Poll Every day - that right there is 365 per year2. Visit the NOSO (under the earn tab) every day - that's another 365 per year3. visit the Trusted Surveys (also under the earn t... Read More »