How has photography changed the world?

Answer Photography is the world's most popular hobby. We use it to document family milestones, capture beauty, reveal the ugliness of war and stalk celebrities. Photography has changed the world way more ... Read More »

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How has the invention of ipod changed the world?

They help in education. Children learn from hearing, but usually tapes that are supposed to teach lose their focus. Cute songs and rhymes can be recorded and downloaded onto their iPods so they cou... Read More »

How have vaccines changed the world?

They have prevented millions of deaths and unnecessary suffering, and they have helped to eradicate a few diseases.

How did Michael Jackson changed the world?

I really enjoyed his music and his talents over the years. I had just watched his video Billie Jean a few days ago unaware this was going to happen. Even that earlier video showed creativity and ... Read More »

How and why US foreign policy changed after World War 2?

US supports Israel scientifically, financially. The US supports Israel with the most advanced military hardware to be always stronger than all the other countries of the middle east put together. T... Read More »