How has owning an HDTV changed your television habits?

Answer HDTV is amazing! I watch the Discovery HD channel almost all the time... whenever anything remotely interesting is on... and I hardly watched it before having HD. The picture just makes you feel li... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of owning a motorcycle vs owning a car?

you can like cars but you got to love m'cycles or you'll just leave it parked in the shed most of the time.

How to Connect a Laptop PC to an HDTV Television?

Connecting a PC laptop to a high-definition television (HDTV) can seem more difficult than hooking up the old VCR to a TV. With so many connection options, it can be overwhelming trying to decide ... Read More »

Is the CT-27G24A Panasonic television HDTV-ready?

The Panasonic CT-27G24 television set is not an HDTV-ready model. HDTV technology is a format of digital television, which this set predates. The Panasonic CT-27G24 can display HDTV programming, ho... Read More »

Will an HDTV antenna work on an SDTV television?

High-definition television signals travel through the airways similarly to standard definition television signals. Therefore, SDTV antennas can work with high-definition receivers and televisions,... Read More »