How has iphone changed life in the USA?

Answer A 4g phone is a lot faster than a 3g and it's a lot clearer.

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What movie have you seen that changed your life and why?

Hey Im Chelsea . I am 12 years old , and the movie that has changed my life in a way is "The Ron Clark Story" Its the best movie , because it has made me realise that you dont have to be the funny ... Read More »

What is that one thing you do, that changed your life?

Starting cheerleading about 8 years ago. I've been doing it nonstop since! It makes me feel good about myself, i feel healthier, and i just love to get thrown in the air(:

If there was no Oprah how would life not be changed?

Do you practice yoga How has it changed your life?

I started doing yoga after spending 64 weeks in physical therapy for a bad car accident. And right off the bat, I had to challenge some of my assumptions - because I always thought that it was pret... Read More »