How has gospel music influenced people?

Answer Ask 10 different people what "gospel music" is and 13 different opinions may be offered. The African-Americans singing in the cotton fields, the family harmony group that travels throughout the Sou... Read More »

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Why do people listen to gospel music?

Gospel music is based on the gospels of Christ, which are found in the Bible. Gospel can be heard in churches, clubs, theaters and homes of those who enjoy listening to the soulful music.HistoryPeo... Read More »

Is gospel music older than country music?

Yes. Gospel music was first notably established in 1899, while country was first notably established in the 1920s. Many historians actually credit gospel music as a major influence on country music... Read More »

Who started gospel music?

The founder of Gospel music is considered to be Thomas A. Dorsey, who began his musical career as a blues pianist in Chicago but soon developed a love for religious music after his wife and child d... Read More »

What is gospel music?

Every Sunday, churches across the United States swell with gospel music. This exuberant type of Christian music originated in black churches and has gone on to gain legions of fans worldwide.RootsG... Read More »