How has computer technology changed our lives?

Answer Computers are one of the most important technological inventions in human history. They have changed the way we all live our lives in a variety of realms, including: social interactions and commu... Read More »

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How have mobile phones changed our lives?

Ever since mobile phones became popular in the 1990s, they have changed the way in which people work, talk and live. These devices allow people to be closer than ever, even when they are in differe... Read More »

How has cotton swabs changed your lives?

cotton swabs are the ice beneath my skates. They are the butter beneath my pasta. and they are the flour beneath my latkas. they are the buttons beneath my remote. they are the numbers beneath my c... Read More »

How do I tell the girl who lives opposite me you can see her getting changed?

I would quietly mention it to the sister perhaps.....that way, when the sister tells her, it won't be quite so embarrasing.Just casually mention that with the lights on, her sister might want to ha... Read More »

How Has Technology Changed Schools?

As we live in technology-dependent age, it is becoming even more important that our children learn about how to use technology in schools. This is not a controversial idea but has faced resistance ... Read More »