How has becoming a teenage parent changed your life?

Answer AnswerYes. Very much. I no longer worry about what I am doing this weekeed. I can no longer sleep in, or sleep through the night. I can hardly put on make-up. I dont fit into my lil siz 3 jeans any... Read More »

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What about you has changed most since becoming a parent?

From a man's point of view, there has been numerous changes in my life since becoming a parent. I developed a better respect for my parents and forgave them for most of the mistakes they made with ... Read More »

Does Becoming A PARENT Change Your MORALITY?

That is why darlin you teach your children values, morals and whatever else your beliefs are....AND you also teach your children not to be judgmental of others.....I personally have no problem with... Read More »

I am a Daddy!! :) just want to shout it off the rooftops lol what are your memories of first becoming a parent?

Congratulations! Becoming a parent is nothing anyone can ever tell you about or describe to you. It's the most amazing, happy, stressful, frightening, exciting time of your life! I could tell yo... Read More »

Do you practice yoga How has it changed your life?

I started doing yoga after spending 64 weeks in physical therapy for a bad car accident. And right off the bat, I had to challenge some of my assumptions - because I always thought that it was pret... Read More »