How has barbie changed over the years?

Answer Few toys in the world are as recognizable as Barbie: the ubiquitous plastic doll has served as a companion to countless little girls since it was first created in 1959. Over the years, the design h... Read More »

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How many houses has Barbie had through the years?

The classic Barbie doll has had at least 19 houses throughout the years. They include the Country Living House, Glamour Home, Dream Cottage and the Magical Mansion. The most well-known home was the... Read More »

How has the gas mask changed over the years?

Gas masks are worn to protect the wearer from toxic gases. Over the years, gas masks and gas mask technology have changed substantially, largely as a result of warfare and military necessity.Primit... Read More »

How has the dishwasher changed over the years?

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