How hard was it for you to become Vegan?

Answer I found it really hard. I was a chef and was around non-vegan foods all the time when I first tried it in 1999. I lasted a few days, but some things stuck like I kept using soy milk. Anyway I didn'... Read More »

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Was it hard for you to become a vegetarian or vegan?

Super easy actually.Well, first of all, it wasn't my goal to become veg'n. I'd never really heard of either term. My goal was to improve my athletic performance by eating a diet that my body was ... Read More »

Being vegan is hard. How do you manage?

Eat beans, it'll fill you up because of the fiber.

Is it hard to be a vegan What do vegans eat?

No, not at all. I love being vegan!!! We eat anything that's not an animal or a product of an animal, like vegetables, fruit, beans, tofu, grains, quinoa, ext. Also, a lot of non-vegans are surpris... Read More »

Would you say it's hard work to become a raw vegan?

It is no more time consuming than preparing regular meals, except you have to allow for the dehydrating time, so planning ahead is important. I make buckwheat/quinoa crackers every day, so I have ... Read More »