How hard it is to have a baby?

Answer It varies from person to personbut if you don tuse protection , its usually quite easy

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How hard do you have to hit a pregnant teen to lose the baby?

A baby is pretty stable but about an average full punch would kill it sorry if it happend to you or anyone you know.

We're trying to have a baby, but I am having hard time penetrating into my wife's vagina...?

Have her lay on the edge of the bed and enter from that way. This may help since both of you are bigger. Obviously you know how to have sex b/c you already have one child. Also don't try so hard.

When you see pretty people & babies in avatars, do you have a hard time believing it's really her & her baby?

Not usually unless the person gives me reason to suspect they are a fake, and even then the fakes are usually easy to spot.

In early pregnancy would you have a hard time to poop everyday and stomach is swollen and a bit hard?

Answer Yes.When you are pregnant your digestive system slows down so that you have more time to extract all the vitamins from the food you are eating. Therefore constipation is a definite symptom... Read More »