How hard is the Marine Corps basic training?

Answer On One Hand: Hardest Thing You Will Ever DoPeople who sign up for U.S. Marine Corps say basic training is the most challenging thing they have ever had to do, according to the website globalsecurit... Read More »

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How many weeks long is basic training for the marine corps?

The United States Marine Corps requires 12 weeks of intense basic training for new recruits. This training period consists of weapons training, tactical simulations, obstacle courses and other extr... Read More »

What to know before Marine Corps basic training?

While many recruits focus on physical conditioning before Marine Corps basic training, mental preparation is also important. Required knowledge includes the Marine Hymn, Code of Conduct, General Or... Read More »

Can you read books at Marine Corps Marine Combat Training School?

Most Field Manuals are considered to be acceptable leisure reading material.

Marine Corps Advanced Training?

U.S. Marines continue with advanced training courses once they have successfully completed recruit training and graduation. The advanced training center is at the School of Infantry, Camp Geiger in... Read More »