How hard is it to migrate to Canada& become a citizen?

Answer On One Hand: Qualifications for CitizenshipThe rules for migrating to Canada and becoming a citizen are well-laid out in the Canadian government's immigration website. The website states that you m... Read More »

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How long does it take to become a citizen in Canada?

The actual time it takes to become a citizen in Canada is hard to determine, and it depends on certain individual factors. Issues such as paperwork, established employment and the requirement of a ... Read More »

Can I become a dual citizen while I become a naturalized US citizen?

The U.S. government doesn't specifically prohibit dual citizenship, nor does it legally recognize dual citizenship. Consequently, a person undergoing naturalization in the United States must only r... Read More »

Why do people migrate to canada?

With Canada's 9.9 million square km of space, new residents have many choices of where to settle, from mountains to coastline and cities to rural areas. The United Nations has on several occasions ... Read More »

When do Canada geese migrate?

Canada geese typically begin migration toward their wintering grounds when the ground begins to freeze. Migration back to their breeding grounds begins in late winter, before the ground has complet... Read More »