How hard is it to make tortillas from scratch?

Answer You are so right, fresh tortillas have a way better taste than store bought tortillas. It depends on how fresh and how authentic you want your tortillas to be made. Many Americans do not realize th... Read More »

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How does the hard scratch nail well be remove from the new ipad2?

Smart Cover for Your iPad There is a video right on the iPad website. You can also order a Smart Cover from the same page. It is a pretty straightforward simple video. I used it to learn about mine... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Tortillas?

Nothing tastes better than fresh tortillas! If you dislike those leathery ones often found in the grocery store that tear when you wrap them,and get soggy when you add ingredients to them, then you... Read More »

How to Make Corn Tortillas?

Fresh corn tortillas are a snap to make. Try using a tortilla press, if you can find one.Corn tortillas, made fresh, are tender and flavorful. They also couldn't be easier: masa harina and water. Y... Read More »

How to Make Wheat Tortillas?

There are many different types of tortillas, but grocery stores generally carry 2 types: corn and white flour. For a healthier and cost-effective alternative, you can make wheat tortillas at home. ... Read More »