North Carolina State Bar Association?

Answer The North Carolina State Bar Association regulates the practice of law in North Carolina. Its main goal is to oversee the legal profession in the state and ensure that proper rules of professional ... Read More »

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North Carolina State Tax Penalties?

If a North Carolina resident fails to pay his state taxes in full by April 15th, the state may assess penalties and interest on the outstanding balance. Interest is calculated from the due date, Ap... Read More »

Who founded the state of North Carolina?

The area now known as North Carolina was originally inhabited by Native Americans. The English established two colonies in the 1580s, but neither survived. The first permanent settlers arrived in t... Read More »

State of North Carolina Garnishment Law?

North Carolina law permits two general types of garnishments. A creditor is able to garnish a bank account of a debtor. Additionally, a creditor can garnish wages of a debtor in certain circumstanc... Read More »

How did North Carolina get its state bird?

The cardinal--scientific name, Cardinalis cardinalis--is the state bird of North Carolina. It has been the southern state's official bird since the early 1940s.DescriptionThe cardinal is noted most... Read More »