How hard is it to get into clubs in NY with someone else's I.d?

Answer If you have fake, *Id's? *It depends *how pretty you are, *how busy they are, *also, if it's a slow night or a real busy night. It can go either way, easy, or not so easy. *My Uncle always took u... Read More »

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Can you take a eye out and put in someone elses eye.?

the question and answers just made my day

Has anyone elses Sky TV gone down totally in UK?

No mine did on Friday though.I rang them up, and they just told me to turn it off at the wall for ten seconds, then on again. And it worked!!! Weird but worth a try before you waste money calling ... Read More »

Anybody elses second toe longer than their big toe?

Mine are both longer than my big toe, so are my childrens,I thought everyones were, but read this-DES MOINES, Iowa. A new study by the Forensic Infant Studies Laboratory at Des Moines University ha... Read More »

Can you buy insurance on someone elses car?

Absolutely. Insurance companies are in the business to sell insurance but the insured will be the driver of the car. In other words, a person driving the car is the "insured driver" There could ac... Read More »